ADA Membership

Membership is a separate fee to Registration (see Registered Syllabus Teacher Information) and is due annually on 1st January of each calendar year. Membership fees paid after 15th March will incur a $25 late fee.

The original Membership fee is paid with the first Majors Exam (MEL) OR Majors Assessment (MAP) taken, as an Affiliate Member (Pre-Elementary). This fee covers Membership for that calendar year only unless the exam fee is paid after 30th September, then it will carry over into the next calendar year.





ADA Membership should be maintained regardless of your teaching status. See Provisional Registration for procedures when there is a lapse of 5 or more years.

ADA offers a partial Membership fee for those Members who are currently not teaching or studying ADA Majors, but wish to maintain contact with and receive the latest information about ADA.





Should a Member return to teaching at any time, the balance of the yearly fee and the Registered Syllabus Teacher (RST) fee must be paid.

Renewal notices/reminders for Membership and Registration will be either emailed or posted to all Members. Online payment via the ADA website www.adatheatre.com.au is the preferred method of payment and provides each Member with the opportunity to pay by credit card or direct deposit. Please inform ADA office if you require an invoice sent via post.

Life Membership will be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors, to those Members that have 45 years continuous Membership and have shown support for FATD/ADA throughout that period.

It is the responsibility of all Members to ensure that before teaching commences each year that they are financial, Registered and only teaching the ADA Grades they are qualified to teach.

Studio Principals are also responsible for ensuring that all teachers they employ to teach ADA syllabus classes are financial, registered and only teaching the classes they are qualified to teach.

When it comes to the attention of the Board of Directors that individual Teachers and/or Studios are not observing the correct procedures in regards to teachers, as stated above, the Board will take the necessary action that is required.

Syllabus Teacher Registration (RST)

Registration as a syllabus teacher is a requirement for all teachers wishing to use the ADA Syllabi for commercial purposes and/or submitting candidates for examinations.

The purpose of Syllabus Teacher Registration relates directly to ensuring adherence to the syllabus requirements and the maintenance of high standards within the Association.

A prerequisite for registration is successful completion of all 3 Parts (MEL) or 2 Parts (MAP) of your respective qualification (Pre-Elementary/Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced).

If you are involved in any way with the teaching of the ADA Syllabi you need to hold current “Syllabus Teacher Registration” (RST), so as to ensure being kept up to date with syllabus changes / clarifications and more importantly, as a safeguard, being registered as an authorised user of the association’s copyright syllabus material, particularly in respect of any problems that may arise as a result of litigation initiated by a disgruntled student / parent … improbable but always possible.


Credit for teaching will not be given to teachers that are not Registered for that calendar year.

The responsibility of the teacher is to ensure that the student is properly and correctly prepared for the examination in accordance with the syllabus.

It is important to note that commencing 1st January 2010 NEW applicants for Registration as Syllabus Teachers using Majors Examination Levels (MEL), at any level, will be required to have completed the 3 parts to the respective examination. Unless granted exemption (which must be applied for in writing) currently Registered Syllabus Teachers (RST) who have not completed Part 3 examination (dealing with Anatomy/Research Paper) at their respective level, will be required to fulfil this obligation if Diploma status is desirous.

Syllabus inaccuracies that are not rectified will result in the down-grading of student’s marks, and persistent disregard of syllabus requirements will result in cancellation of the Syllabus Teacher Registration (RST).

Provisional Registration Majors Examination Levels (MEL)

As of 2012, is available to prospective members who hold qualifications with other recognised Teaching Associations, University Degrees* in Dance or previous FATD/ADA Registered Syllabus Teachers (RST) that have not taught the FATD/ADA syllabus for more than 5 years.

NB* Those individuals applying with a University Degree must also be able to provide documentation of their affiliation with a recognised dance association either prior to or post achieving their degree and at least 5 years teaching a recognised syllabus.

Persons interested must be sponsored by an ADA Examiner or a financial Registered Syllabus Teacher (RST). On application to the Board of Directors, candidates must show verified documents of all related qualifications, teaching experience and a character reference from their Sponsor.

All applicants will be given a 6 month trial period to introduce the work into their studio with ongoing lessons and support from their sponsor. An Examiner will then spend the necessary time, according to the number of grades being taught, to observe the Provisional Teacher taking the classes. After consideration and consultation with the Board of Examiners, it will be decided whether further tutoring is required.

The applicant will then be allotted a time of approximately 6 months to present their first examination session.

In line with the outcomes of existing Major examinations, up to Grade 5 will achieve Elementary status and up to Silver Star will achieve Intermediate status.

Those applicants who wish to submit Major candidates (and for this new category of registration, Gold and above will be included), further study and more intensive sessions with an examiner will be required as well as partaking the Advanced examination. This situation is necessary as teachers in this category have not come through the usual FATD/ADA Majors examination structure. It will also be required for the Advanced status to be awarded, that the applicant conduct a 1 hour class with 3-4 students based on any syllabus content, as asked by the Examiner, from the appropriate grades.

However, it must be noted that the above is a guideline, as each application will be dealt with individually.

Provisional Registration Majors Assessment Program (MAP)

The syllabus for Major Assessments Program (MAP) is structured in four levels with the entire program being applicable to each discipline separately. MAP is an alternative for new members desirous of completing their ADA Teaching qualifications. The 4 levels are Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced in all 3 genres – Classical Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance.


Syllabus Teacher Registration is mandatory for all persons involved in the teaching of the ADA Copyright syllabus material. Applicable to each style separately, successful completion of the Assessment Part 1 and Part 2, at the respective level, is an essential prerequisite for such registration to continue past the Provisional status. There is a maximum period of 18 months to complete Level 1.

Categories of Registration and Applicable Fees

A Holders of Intermediate or Advanced qualifications in at least two of the three styles
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet (Before 2010)
AA Diploma Holders of Intermediate or Advanced qualifications in at least two of the three styles
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet
B Holders of Intermediate or Advanced qualifications in any one style
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet (Before 2010)
BB Diploma Holders of Intermediate or Advanced qualifications in any one style
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet
C Holder of Elementary qualifications in at least two of the three styles
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet (Before 2010)
CC Diploma Holder of Pre-Elementary or Elementary qualifications in at least two of the three styles
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet
D Holder of Elementary qualifications in any one style
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet (Before 2010)
DD Diploma Holder of Pre-Elementary qualifications in any one style
Tap / Jazz / Classical Ballet
E Provisional Registration $121

Registration fees are structured purposely towards encouraging the upgrading of qualifications.