Hi to all the Members & Registered Teachers,

Here we are at the end of a very different year! ADA is now 7 years old and 89 years young from the start of FATD! On behalf of the ADA Board of Directors & Examiners we would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2020 & congratulations to everyone for the hard work & effort you put into your students’ preparation for their examinations this year. We are extremely proud of what you have all achieved. Again, to all who participated in Pre-Recorded Exams, a big thank you for embracing this new method of exams, which was introduced due to state and international border closures. We cannot wait for the world to return back to normal so our Examiners can see you all face to face!

The introduction of Class Performance Awards (CPA) in 2019 has shown to be a great success in 2020! As many studios had to unfortunately close their doors for some parts of the year due to Covid-19 restrictions, CPA was a great option for many students!

Unfortunately 2020 consisted of the global Covid-19 pandemic which affected the dance industry, including ADA. Sadly, Awards Days in all cities were cancelled this year due to government restrictions. We hope that all Awards Days can go head in 2021 and come back bigger and better than ever!!

In 2020, Lesley Scott, Amanda Pollock, Jodie Spicer, Nadia Vella-Taranto and Susie Smither were re-elected to serve another term as the Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors would like to remind you that they are always there to support our members and will do everything possible to ensure the smooth running of ADA. They look forward to seeing you all at future ADA events!

Our Examining Board has been as busy as ever throughout 2020, our wonderful Examiners have held regular meetings, updated the ADA Syllabus, altered the way they Examine through pre-recorded exams, and have examined face to face where possible. We would like to give a special mention and thank you to Miss Fontana, Miss Khoury and Mrs Scott for the endless amount of hours and work you have put into the Syllabus update this year!

Congratulations to Mandy Noble who is now a life member of the ADA! Miss Noble has a huge history with the ADA and we are forever grateful for everything she has done for the association. Some of Miss Noble’s accomplishments include Examining for over 30 years, being ADA’s President in 2018, being one of the Directors who worked diligently during the transition from FATD to ADA. Miss Noble attended every Seminar, Awards Day and Championships, helped with scholarships, choreographed routines, amalgamations and exercises for our syllabus, wrote a large part of the Classical Ballet Glossary, worked closely with the committee to achieve the overhaul of our Classical Ballet Syllabus. Miss Noble was involved in the outline of the Major’s Syllabus and designed the logo on the ADA T-Shirts (Awesome Dancer Ahead) which is still in use today! A big thank you to Miss Noble for being an exemplary ambassador for the ADA!

Parys Vella has now settled into her role as Organising Secretary for ADA. Thank you all for your support during this transition period. Parys is your point of contact at the office, and is always happy to assist our members in any way possible!

AcroDance News

We are thrilled with the amazing response AcroDance has received! We have 100 members in NSW and QLD, who are training to be AcroDance teachers! Unfortunately, AcroDance session 1 could not go ahead in Thailand this year as Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, we hope for Thailand’s Session 1 to go ahead as soon we can travel internationally!

Session 2 will be happening in QLD and NSW in January/February 2021 and Session 3 in April! We can’t wait to see all progress you have made throughout the year!

ADA Contemporary Syllabus News

ADA will introduce its’ very own Contemporary Syllabus in 2021! World renowned Jane Pirani has created this comprehensive and up to date syllabus we are sure you will love. We will be releasing one level per year, with Level 1 rolling out in 2021! Teacher training days in each Australian city will take place in January 2021. Thailand will be receiving teacher training day information once international travel can take place also.

We know this will create a great foundation for all your contemporary dancers and will be an asset to run at your studio. Thank you to Jane Pirani for all the work you have put into the Syllabus so far!

Please ensure you secure your spot by booking in for teacher training sessions before the 4th of January 2021!! We hope to see you all at our training days!

Queensland News

All Examiners that covered the Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns & Brisbane examinations were most impressed by the standard of all the students, even those who participated in Pre-Recorded Exams! Keep up the great work teachers, an amazing effort!! We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents!

In 2021, ADA is hoping to head back to Brisbane, Townsville & Rockhampton for the 2021 Awards Days!

NSW News

Congratulations to all teachers & students for your time & effort put into examinations, even for those continuing into December. Again, the standard in all cities have been phenomenal! I am sure all the Examiners will be ready for a well-deserved break.

We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents!

In 2021, ADA is hoping to head back to St George Theatre in Sydney for the 2021 Sydney Awards Day!

Thailand News

A huge thank you to Jaruganya Amesbutr (Gye) for her help in co-ordinating Thailand & her contact with the teachers year after year! Unfortunately, our Examiners could not travel to Thailand this year due to border closures, as a result, Pre-Recorded Examinations were held in Bangkok (BK), Chiangmai (CM), Lamphun (LP), Chiangrai (CR), Uttaradit (UT) & Phrae (PR), Phuket (HKT), Sukhothai (SKT) & Chonburi (BK) Thailand. Thank you all for your continued patience and resilience with all the challenges and changes made this year! Congratulations to all involved!

As soon as restrictions lift, and borders open internationally, the Thailand tour will run as normal. We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents!

ADA turns 90 in 2021!

We will be celebrating ADA’s 90th Birthday throughout the year in 2021, stay tuned for more information! We would love all our members to be involved!

2020 Diplomas – Congratulations!!

Emily Ajaka (NSW) ELE JAZZ & TAP

Gabriella Biviano (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ


Emily Kreltszheim (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ

Charlotte Nonnenmacher (NSW) INT JAZZ

Stephanie Power (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP

Sornsawan Silptrakanpol (BA) ELE JAZZ & CLASSICAL

Emily Taylor (QLD) PRE-ELE JAZZ

Aimee Watt (QLD) ELE JAZZ & TAP

2020 New Members/Studios – Welcome!!

Charmaine Billing – Mission 2 Dance (QLD)

Caitlin McMahon – Dance Mafia (QLD)

Chloe Campbell – Dance Mafia (QLD)

Roisin Dunne – Ascent Dance (QLD)

Zoe Steele – Evolve Performing Arts Studios (NSW)

Emma Weeks – Ellapointe Dance Studio (QLD)

2020 AcroDance Members

Dana Burke (QLD)

Hayley Brown (QLD)

Anna Caleo (QLD)

Lauran Dreis (NSW)

Morgan Fellner (QLD)

Marnie Hungerford (QLD)

Eliza McKay (QLD)

Charlotte Marks (NSW)

Dane Reid (QLD)

Angela Richardson (QLD)

Kirby Richardson (QLD)


Rachel Bolt (NSW)

Jessica Blakey (QLD)

Jaimee Chill (QLD)

Georgia Henson (QLD)

Carys Johnson (NSW)

Ruby Maclure (NSW)

Lapasrada Mattrapunyachon (BA)

Sabina Raco (NSW)

Hayley Speziale (NSW)

Emily Taylor (QLD)

Rebecca Vassallo (NSW)

Brooke Zanetich (QLD)

Charmaine Billing (QLD)

Naiya-Bhak Charnvirakul (BA)

Sathorntorn Dilummat (BA)

Topaz Hall (QLD)

Caitlin Lee (NSW)

Tamzyn Miller (QLD)

Paris Pardon (QLD)

Vorawan Rittiluck (BA)

Hannah Siegmann (QLD)

Rebecca Teese (QLD)

Orvella Winarta (NSW)

Indiana Zezovski (NSW)

Lara Barnes (QLD)

Lenita Cetinich (QLD)

Stephanie Gaunt (QLD)

Rachael Jones (NSW)

Lara Lindsay (NSW)

Keely McKenzie (QLD)

Renee Rehbein (QLD)

Megan Swain (NSW)

Chloe Spicer (NSW)

Makayla Thorne (QLD)

Elena Zappia (NSW)


Onuma Angsuwirotkul (HKT) ELE

Rachael Dimond (NSW) INT

Sophie Gordon (QLD) ADV

Emma Killion (QLD) ADV

Karla Lovell (NSW) ELE

Shannon Lewis (QLD) INT

Jasmine Pollock (QLD) ADV

Jodie Spicer (NSW) ADV

Nicole Unsworth (NSW) ADV

Sophie Baron (QLD) INT

Gabriella Fernandez (NSW)

Georgia Henson (QLD) ELE

Taylor Katavich (NSW) ELE

Sarah Love (QLD) ELE

Tayla Meli (NSW) ELE

Kathryn Ravese (NSW) ELE

Kiara Smith (NSW) ELE

Katrina Vella (NSW) ADV

Tyler Dent (NSW) ELE

Meaghan Grove (NSW) ELE

Anna Hitchings (QLD) ELE

Abigail Kittler (NSW) ELE

Charmaine Lewis (QLD) ADV

Daniela Palermo (NSW) ELE

Michael Robertson (QLD) ADV

Georgia Scott (NSW) ELE


Chelsea Windon (NSW) ADV

Rose Alexander (QLD) PRE-ELE

Anastasia Frost (NSW) PRE-ELE

Stephanie Harris (QLD) INT

Amanda Pollock (QLD) ELE

Caitlin Showyin (NSW) PRE-ELE

Georgina Walsh (QLD) PRE-ELE

Natalie La Praik (QLD) INT

Kennedy McDonald (QLD) PRE-ELE

Maya Miller (QLD)

Samantha Carnuccio (NSW) PRE-ELE

Sophie Fisher (QLD) PRE-ELE

Isabella Kalayzich (NSW) PRE-ELE

Ellise Pickering (QLD) PRE-ELE

Meggen Shearman (QLD) PRE-ELE

Lara Stewart (QLD) PRE-ELE

Anna Karakoultsidis (NSW) PRE-ELE

Demi Locke (NSW) PRE-ELE

Jeremy John Mallios (NSW) PRE-ELE


REMINDER TO ALL STUDIO PRINCIPALS – It is your responsibility to ensure all your teaching staff are financial members, registered & correctly qualified for the ADA syllabus classes you need them to teach.

REMINDER TO ALL TEACHERS – It is your responsibility to ensure you are a financial member, registered & only teaching the ADA syllabus classes you have qualifications for.

REMINDER TO MAJOR STUDENTS – It is your responsibility to ensure you are a financial member each year & have your own syllabus to work from.

All necessary information relating to this is clearly printed in the front of the Majors syllabus as well as on the website.


A huge thank you to John Cassimatis & the team at Hello Handsome for our ever evolving website.

We are in the process of upgrading the ADA website for our members to navigate with greater ease. Stay tuned for information on when our upgraded website will be live!

A reminder that you will no longer receive printed notices – Everything will be found on our website, in the tabs as listed below:

• 2020 in Revue – ABOUT US – Years in Revue

• Syllabus Changes – NEWS TAB

• 2021 Calendar – EVENTS TAB

• Awards Day Information – EVENTS TAB – ADA Awards

• AcroDance and Contemporary Session Information – EVENTS TAB – Seminars

Posting to Social Media

ADA wants to encourage everyone to make wise decisions about what you are posting on social Media in regards to ADA syllabus work.

1. The ADA logo must be included in any posting.

2. All students must be appropriately dressed

3. Video footage can only be 5 to 8 seconds in length. At no time can a video show the complete exercise or Routine.

4. Photos must show Safe Dance practices are being adhered to. Poses must be age appropriate and discreet. E.g. a young child standing on toes with no obvious support, over stretching, leg mount with crotch to camera.

Members will be asked to remove any social media postings that do not comply with this criteria.

ADA OFFICE CLOSED – 21st December 2020– 4th January 2020


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Tuesday – Thursday – 8.00am – 3.00pm

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