Hi to all Members & Registered Teachers,

Here we are at the end of another amazing year! ADA is now 6 years old and 88 years young from the start of FATD!! On behalf of the ADA Board of Directors & Examiners we would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2019 & congratulations to everyone for the hard work & effort you put into your students’ preparation for their examinations and Awards and Championship Days. We are extremely proud with what you have all achieved. Thanks for all the responses to the survey and feedback sheet we have recently sent out, we love to keep in touch with our members and appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts. The introduction of Class Performance Awards (CPA) in 2019 was a great success and the Board hopes it encourages all your students to be a part of future exam sessions. The responses to Majors Assessment Program (MAP) have been amazing!! Keep those suggestions coming as our main purpose is to help and support our Members!! I personally would like to thank the ADA Board of Directors & Examiners for their amazing support and dedicated work throughout this year.

Sadly, the Board of Directors would like to inform you that the wonderful Miss Kylie Toms has resigned from the ADA Board of Directors at the end of 2019. We would like to thank Kylie for all the work she has done as a Director for the Association, you will be missed on the Board.

The ADA Board of Directors welcomes Susie Smither to the Board of Directors!

Susie has been an amazing supporter of FATD & ADA for 43 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and business skills to the Board.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Miss Kim Griffin for everything she has done as Organising Secretary for ADA. Miss Kim has spent 43 years with ADA/FATD and will be retiring at the end of 2019 as Organising Secretary for the Association. We wish nothing but the best as she moves onto the next chapter of her life, travelling and spending more time with her family.

The Australasian Dance Association would not be where it is today without Miss Kim’s knowledge, ideas, passion and absolute love for the Association.

We know the members of ADA will join the Board in expressing their heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all that Kim has done for the Association, our Teachers, Members and their Students.

Miss Griffin is so excited to be able to get back into Examining again – we have heard she cannot wait to see all our amazing ADA students and teachers again!

In 2020, Parys Vella will be taking over as Organising Secretary for ADA. Miss Kim has passed on all her knowledge and support onto Parys through 2019 as they have organised and travelled to all Awards Days, Parys has assisted Kim with the 2019 Dance Championships and has spent many days with Kim throughout the 2019 in preparation for the future.

Parys will be your point of contact at the office, and is always happy to assist our members in any way possible.

Queensland News

All Examiners that covered the Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns & Brisbane examining tours were most impressed by the standard of all the students & the warm welcome. Keep up the great work teachers, an amazing effort!! We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents!

It was wonderful to see so much talent at the Brisbane Awards – Congratulations to everyone!! In 2020 ADA is heading back to the wonderful new venue in Beenleigh, Brisbane.

We would like to welcome our new ADA teachers Dawn Burman and her studio – The Dance Academy from Maleny, Landsborough & Mapleton QLD and Emily Kite and Merrimac State High School from the Gold Coast QLD to the Association!

New South Wales News

Congratulations to all teachers & students for your time & effort put into examinations, even for those continuing into December. I am sure all the Examiners will be ready for a well deserved break.

The 2019 ADA Dance Championships took place in Penrith, Sydney and proved to be a great success!! Thank you to all studios who travelled interstate and for Bam and her studio – Balance Ballet Studio from Thailand for attending this amazing event!

Thank you to all our Examiners, to all our teachers for preparing your students and to all the talented dancers we witnessed on stage. It was so great to see what talent our association has to offer. Congratulations to everyone, we can’t wait for 2022!!!

We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents

Malaysia / Thailand News

A huge thank you to Jaruganya Amesbutr (Gye) for her help in co-ordinating Thailand & her contact with the teachers year after year! Examinations were held in Bangkok (BK), Chiangmai (CM), Lamphun (LP), Chiangrai (CR), Uttaradit (UT) & Phrae (PR). New studios had their first exams in Phuket (HKT), Sukhothai (SKT) & Chonburi (BK) Thailand had their ADA Awards Day in July in Chiang Mai. A wonderful time with Ms Munroe and Ms Scott attending. Congratulations to all involved for your fantastic organisation!! It’s always a pleasure to work with Gye & Mod in co-ordinating these events.

We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents.

New Zealand News

Clutha Dance in Balclutha NZ, under the tutelage of Elspeth Dunne, had their fifth exam session in September. Huge congratulations to all involved.

We would like to express an extra special thank you to all the parents and support teams for all you do for the students and their studios – Teachers, please pass this onto all the parents

ADA TURNS 90 IN 2021!

We will be celebrating ADA’s 90th Birthday in January 2021, stay tuned for more information! We would love all our members to be involved!

2019 Diplomas – Congratulations!!

Charlotte Nonnenmacher (NSW) ELE JAZZ

Olivia Enright (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP


Mardi Swadling (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ

Kristelle Di Iorio (NSW) INT JAZZ & TAP

Natasha Brown (NSW) INT JAZZ, TAP & BALLET

Brittany Abela (NSW) PRE-ELE & ELE JAZZ & TAP & JAZZ

Sornsawan Bam Silptrakanpol (BK) PRE-ELE JAZZ & BALLET

Madison Kennedy (NSW) PRE-ELE BALLET

Alexander Jean (NSW) INT JAZZ & TAP

Jasmine Pollock (QLD) PRE-ELE, ELE & INT JAZZ & TAP


Stephanie Harris (QLD) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP

Wanwarang Pin Chordpunyavong (CM) PRE-ELE,ELE & INT BALLET

Danielle Iacono (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP


Gabriella Biviano (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ

Isabella Gordon (QLD) PRE-ELE JAZZ

Lenita Cetinich (QLD) PRE-ELE TAP

Rachael Dimond (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP

Nichapa Gyb Thamwilai (BK) ELE JAZZ

Jiraphinya Thiptha (CM) ELE JAZZ

Rhian Turner (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP

Mackenzee Baker-Moller (QLD) ELE JAZZ & TAP

Meaghan Grove (NSW) PRE-ELE JAZZ & TAP

Sarah Gonsalves (NSW) ELE JAZZ

2019 New Members/Studios – Welcome!!

Dawn Burman (QLD) – The Dance Academy

Dana Burke (QLD) – Townsville


Onuma Angsuwirotkul (HKT)

Erin Burt (NSW)

Brooke Collins (NSW)

Rhys Dufty (NSW)

Stephanie Gaunt (QLD)

Savanna Guglielmino (NSW)

Onvimon Janma (SKT)

Taylor Katavich (NSW)

Jasmin Louise Lawson (QLD)

Lhara Millare (NSW)

Eryn O’Sullivan (NSW)

Tosapon Lek Pholphisit (CR)

Tuangterm Puang Ngam (CM)

Monica Stephen (QLD)

Rebecca Teese (QLD)

Elena Zappia (NSW)

Linda Ballin (QLD)

Lenita Cetinich (QLD)

Mikaela-Rose Conlon (NSW)

Tyler Dent (NSW)

Caitlin Gray (NSW)

Sarah Elaine (NSW)

Grace Jones (NSW)

Abigail Kittler (NSW)

Sarah Love (QLD)

Stephanie Nelson (NSW)

Shannon Oke (NSW)

Amanda Pollock (QLD)

Jaynai Slatcher (QLD)

Mardi Swadling (NSW)

Natchaya Thepmontri (QLD)

Alyssa Burke (NSW)

Shannen Christian (NSW)

Choe Cowan (QLD)

Olivia Enright (NSW)

Isabella Gordon (QLD)

Danielle Iacono (NSW)

Pattaraporn Dao Kaewnai (PHR)

Emily Sarah Kreltszheim (NSW)

Karla Lovell (QLD)

Gema Oostendorp (NSW)

Taylah Pettersen (NSW)

Kwansiri Prueksoontorn (CHM)

Kiara Smith (NSW)

Megan Swain (NSW)

Sarah Vella (NSW)


Emily Ajaka (NSW) ELE

Caroline Britton (QLD) ADV

Shannen Christian (NSW) ELE

Isabel Francis (NSW) ELE

Gillian Hamilton (QLD) ADV

Kyra Kennedy (QLD) ADV

Caitlin Lee (NSW) ELE

Charlotte Nonnemacher (NSW) INT

Georgia Scott (NSW) ELE

Panthira Friend Thitibordin (CR) ADV

Nicole Unsworth (NSW) INT

Madeleine Yeaman (NSW) INT

Sophie Baron (QLD) ELE

Gabriella Biviano (NSW) ELE

Rachael Dimond (NSW) ELE

Sophie Gordon (QLD) INT

Stephanie Harris (QLD) ELE

Madison Kennedy (NSW) ELE

Charmaine Lewis (QLD) ELE

Jasmine Pollock (QLD) ADV

Jodie Spicer (NSW) ELE

Zoe Thornthwaite (NSW) INT

Johanna Van Althuis Jones (NSW) ADV

Tarni Basalo (NSW) ELEV

Charlotte Clarke (NSW) ELE

Winnie Enright (NSW) INT

Meaghan Grove (NSW) ELE

Danielle Iacono (NSW) ELE

Vittavat Kornmaneeroj (BK) ELE

Shannon Lewis (QLD) INT

Kanchayanit Sarichasombat (CM) ADV

Jiraphinya Thiptha (CM) INT

Rhian Turner (NSW) ELE

Tamonwan Witamma (CR) ADV

Notes for 2020

INVOICES FOR EXAMINER’S TRAVEL – Can be found on the Website (EXAMS TAB) Examiners will now be providing Teachers with a written invoice for their travel expenses (when Examiners drive to your exam session) – This is designed to help all teachers with their business accounts.

WORKSHOPS ENDORSED BY ADA– Can be found on the Website (EXAMS TAB) Have you thought of conducting an ADA based workshop in your studio?
Here are a few simple steps to ensure your Workshops for ADA syllabus are a success and endorsed by ADA.
1. If inviting an Examiner to conduct the workshop, all ADA studios in your area should be encouraged to attend
2. The term “Seminar” cannot be used
3. Event fee of $50 will cover admin costs and ensure ADA support as follows:
– Organising of an Examiner that is appropriate to your Workshop
– Posting on social media before and after the event
– Emails will be sent out to the schools in your area inviting them
– ADA logo will be used in all photos and advertising
4. The Workshop must be advertised as “Studio Name” Workshop on ADA Syllabus.
5. ADA suggests the costs are shared amongst studios attending.

POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Can be found on the Website (NEWS TAB) ADA wants to encourage everyone to make wise decisions about what you are posting on social Media in regards to ADA syllabus work.
1. The ADA logo must be included in any posting.
2. All students must be appropriately dressed
3. Video footage can only be 5 to 8 seconds in length. At no time can a video show the complete exercise or Routine.
4. Photos must show Safe Dance practices are being adhered to. Poses must be age appropriate and discreet. E.g. a young child standing on toes with no obvious support, over stretching, leg mount with crotch to camera.
Members will be asked to remove any social media postings that do not comply with this criteria.

New Website Additions to Help your Studio!!

A huge thank you to John Cassimatis & the team at Hello Handsome for our ever evolving website.

LOCATIONSNot too late to do this if you missed it previously –  this will help people to find your studio by using postcodes – login to your Home page – select Edit Details – If you manage a school tick the box next to that and fill in the information for your Studio – if you teach for someone else answer yes and select the studio in the drop down box.

As of 2020 you will no longer receive printed notices – Everything will be found on our website, in the tabs as listed below:
• 2019 in Revue – ABOUT US – Years in Revue
• Syllabus Changes – NEWS TAB
• 2020 Calendar – EVENTS TAB
• ADA Office Changes – HOME TAB – Latest News
• Awards Day Information – EVENTS TAB – ADA Awards
• AcroDance Session Information – EVENTS TAB – Seminars
• As above – Invoices for Exams, posting on social media & ADA Workshops


REMINDER TO ALL STUDIO PRINCIPALS – It is your responsibility to ensure all your teaching staff are financial members, registered & correctly qualified for the ADA syllabus classes you need them to teach.

REMINDER TO ALL TEACHERS – It is your responsibility to ensure you are a financial member, registered & only teaching the ADA syllabus classes you have qualifications for.

REMINDER TO MAJOR STUDENTS – It is your responsibility to ensure you are a financial member each year & have your own syllabus to work from.

All necessary information relating to this is clearly printed in the front of the Majors syllabus as well as on the website.

ADA OFFICE CLOSED – 18th December 2019– 6th January 2020


Monday – 9.00am – 5.00pm

Tuesday – Thursday – 8.00am – 3.00pm

Friday – 9.00 – 3.00pm