26 Sep
A Thank You Letter - Joannes Story

We always like receiving feedback from our members and here is the story of Joanne Runge, who returned to dancing after 8 years away to fulfil a dream.

Dear June, Kim and the Board of Directors of ADA,

Today I received my Elementary Diploma of Jazz Dance in the mail. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for welcoming me as an Associate Level 2 Member into the ADA. I started Dancing with Michelle Bates of TNT Dance Studio in Bundaberg when I was 8 years old. It was with Michelle that I also began to sit the FATD Jazz Syllabus Exams. I was also a student of Michelle’s daughters, Couris and Toinette, and it was here as teenagers that us 3 girls struck up a very close friendship. As I hit my mid 20’s I moved away from Bundaberg, and returned 8 years later married with children. I returned to the TNT Dance Studio and joined a social Ladies Tap class…fast forward a year or two and under Couris’s Encouragement I decided to fulfil my dream and sat my Gold Star Jazz Exam, as a mature student in my 30’s, where I received Honours Plus. From there I sat my Pre-El the following year, and then Part 1 El the next and completing Part 2 El in 2015. Finally I completed my Anatomy Exam last year. So now at 40 years old I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of myself, and I am incredibly proud to be an Associate Member of ADA. And now I get to enjoy watching my daughter, Imogen Runge, start her journey with ADA, after successfully siting all grades up to Gr 5 (jazz, tap and ballet), and recently winning Second Place at the Brisbane ADA Awards. And yes, she also dances at TNT Dance Studio ? Anyway, I just wanted to share some insight into the history that I have with ADA and FATD and why this means so much to me. Being a dance teacher really is the most rewarding job.

Thank you Joanne Runge Associate Level 2 Member

2 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter – Joanne’s Story”

  1. An inspiring story of commitment to fulfil one’s dreams. Not an easy thing once you have a family.
    Well done Joanne, you have every right to be proud of yourself.

  2. It was such a pleasure to see my dearest friend progress through her journey with ADA. Jo’s love for dance was too intense to let slip by. She is ornamental to the TNT family. I am so proud of her fortitude and commitment. Well done Jo!!

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