Hi to all Members & Registered Teachers,

Here we are at the end of another great year! ADA is now 3 years old!! On behalf of the ADA Board of Directors & Examiners we would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2016 & congratulations to all for the hard work & effort you put into your students’ preparation for their examinations, Awards Day and ADA Dance Championships. Huge congratulations to all teachers that had students doing the new Gold & Bar to Gold Star exams. We are extremely proud with what you have achieved in such a short time. To watch these grades at the ADA Dance Championships was so entertaining!! I personally would like to thank the ADA Board of Directors & Examiners for their amazing support throughout this year.

Queensland News

All Examiners that covered the Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns & Brisbane examining tours were most impressed by the standard of all the students & the warm welcome. Keep up the great work teachers, an amazing effort!!
It was wonderful to have representatives from Ann Roberts, Croft-Gilchrist and Reflexions Studios in Townsville, Rhythm Edge in Ayr, Moura Ballet, KOTB Gold Coast and Brisbane Academy attend the ADA Dance Championships. We loved having you join in the festivities!!

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to hold Brisbane Awards this year due to the lack of a suitable venue.

New South Wales News

Congratulations to all teachers & students for your time & effort put into examinations, even for those continuing into December. I am sure all the Examiners will be ready for a well deserved break.
A huge thank you to everyone that supported the ADA Dance Championships in September. Congratulations to Isabella Spiteri (Lee Windon Dancers) for winning the trip to New York. We look forward to a travelog of pictures.

Malaysia / Thailand News

A huge thank you to Jaruganya Amesbutr (Gye) for her help in co-ordinating Thailand & her contact with the teachers. Examinations were held in Bangkok (BK), Chiangmai (CM), Lamphun (LP) & Chiangrai (CR). Thailand had their Awards Day in July in Chiang Mai. A wonderful time with Misses Goodhew & Windon attending. Congratulations to all involved for your fantastic organisation.
How amazing to have representatives from Thailand attend the ADA Dance Championships!!! Gye brought a team of 5 dancers, 4 teachers plus parents and siblings. It was an absolute pleasure to share this with them.

New Zealand News

Clutha Dance in Balclutha NZ, under the tutelage of Elspeth Dunne, had their second exam session in September. A huge congratulations to all involved.

2016 Diplomas – Congratulations!!

Sophie Gordon (QLD) Ele Tap & Jazz

Winnie Enright (NSW) Ele Tap

Belinda Bugge (NSW) Ele Jazz & Tap

Sarah Fitzgerald (NSW) Ele Tap

Ashley Simonato (NSW) Ele Tap & Jazz

Jacinta Toppi(QLD) Ele/Int/Adv Tap & Jazz

Heidi Van Der Meulen (QLD) Ele Jazz & Tap

Monique de Maria(QLD) Int/ADV Jazz & Tap

Jaruganya Amesbutr (THAI) Int Tap

Nichapa Thamwiai (THAI) Ele Classical

Charmaine Lewis (QLD) Ele Tap & Jazz

Wisudaporn Boontavee (THAI) Ele Classical

Kristelle Di Iorio (NSW) Ele Jazz & Tap

Bianca Marciano (NSW) Ele Jazz & Tap

Tamonwan Witamma (THAI) Ele Classical

Nattanit Thitibordin (THAI) Ele Classical

Natalie Orola (QLD) Adv Tap & Jazz

Kyra Kennedy (QLD) Ele Tap & Jazz

2016 New Members – Welcome!!

Caitlyn Armstrong (QLD)

Courtney Bryan (QLD)

Rosemary Chapman (NSW)

Maddie Crane (QLD)

Stephanie Croft (QLD)

Kamaiah Darney (QLD)

Gillian Hamilton (QLD)

Caitlin Harvey (QLD)

Brianna Herlihy (QLD)

Paris Hillier (QLD)

Shannon Lewis (QLD)

Courtney Osborne (QLD)

Jasmine Pollock (QLD)

Pear Senaweenin (THAI)

Danielle Swanepoel (QLD)

Paris Vougdis (NSW)